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A vision of freedom

Emotionally connect to your horse


Is there anything better than discovering freedom together with your horse? You are sensing your horse’s movements, and both of you feel the same wind in the face. You are close, and trust in what exists between the two of you; an invisible bond between human and horse, a loving connection that emerges from positive reinforcement, and becomes ever closer and more intimate over time. So, how do you forge such a bond? How does confidence arise? What makes us taste life at its purest, feel freedom, or experience infinite possibilities?

Positive response


I am sure the potential of “positive responsive” is concealed within each of us. We find it if we let go of our expectations, and just live the moment. We are free whenever we accept that is possible to fall but keep going without letting the fear stop us from following what touches our heart; we are free when our horse flies with us in full gallop through the snow, and invites us on this wingless flight full with thrill of speed.

Sometimes, Pegasus can fly slowly


Most importantly, the feeling of freedom is not related to your current riding skills. This intuitive connection between two souls does not only reveal itself in togetherness at high speed, and when performing sophisticated lessons; and it is not only reserved to experienced riders. We can always feel it when we live the moment, and open-heartedly perceive nothing but our horse, irrespective of whether we just stand next to each other, stroll around, or ride in slow pace. The way towards freedom and away from all the misgivings and fears leads through feeling and complementing each other and belonging together.

So, what role do treats play?


Basically, rewards are positive feedback for both sides. They encourage a horse that it is good the way it is which can give wings to your horse. They tell your horse, “Job well done”, and that you truly understand each other. They transmit that we appreciate the movements, and want to go this way together. So, you might want to discover your own angel wings first if you would like to fly with Pegasus; discover your own inner values, your gratitude for life itself, your honest interest in the opposite, and pass the positive energy back and forth. Our horse’s wings will continue to spread for us if we do everything we do with all our heart, and listen to the angel and not the devil on our shoulder; then, they will carry us, support us, and catch us

Marlitt Wendt & Conny Ranz

AUTHOR: Marlitt Wendt