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RPlus | RPlus positive reinforcement
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RPlus means Positive Reinforcement
What can you expect?Where will the trip lead us?What do you want to do?

With our RPlus magazine we want to thank all of you who have supported, inspired and been with us over the past couple of years. We owe so many moving experiences and great moments to you and your horses. We would like to thank you for allowing us to present you as a shining example for our idea. So, now it is time to share these wonderful encounters with all our friends.

We wish you lots of fun with RPlus!

Make it possibleMake it possible RPlus MagazineRPlus Magazine
Our vision

What`s behind all this?

Advanced Education

All about learning theory, cognition and horses

Native Horses

Experience the nature of wild horses together with us

Applied Ethology

Horse training based upon current behavioral biology

Online Modules

Key lessons, web seminars and expert articles as treats for you

Nerd Videos

Follow our clicker community to RPlus seminars

Free the Knowledge

Our free online magazine about positive reinforcement

What does RPlus mean?

Here we aim to live the philosophy of positive reinforcement together with you. Together we can make the world a better place for our horses. All we need for this are pictures that capture our imagination, texts that inspire us, and a possibility to freely exchange our ideas.

Where can I get a diploma?

You will find training opportunities, a broad range of possibilities for further education, educational videos, activity incentives, articles about applied horse ethology and field trips to wild horses, and the freedom to thrive together with your horse. However, there are no diplomas.

How can I get involved?

We need your feedback. Tell us about the experiences you had, and tell us about the ideas you still have. What are the topics you would like to find at RPlus? Please send us a message!


When does training start?

We are here to continuously provide you with new impulses and perspectives but learning and growing are individual processes. So, you decide what you and your horse can and want to realize. Allow yourself to be motivated by our ideas, and carry this inspiration in your heart and to your horse.

How can I support you?

Feel the passion with us, tell others about RPlus, and live this positive attitude to set an example for others. You can also support us more directly and make a donation if you really like RPlus.

Make it possible!Make it possible!

Nerdish by nature!

Easy Education

Our latest topics!

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    Wild horses’ original presence

    When we travel to visit the last remaining wild horses on this planet, we often ponder why human beings are so fascinated by wild creatures these days. Of course, there are millions of answers that also impact, in varying degrees, everyday life with ...

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    Foal training: Serenity

    In general, horses that have been accustomed in a casual and relaxed manner to as many external stimuli as possible during their foalhood tend to develop laid-back personalities when they grow up. In doing so, it is important to proceed with caution,...

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    First an appetizer, then cake

    The sequence of lessons, and the size of rewards are very important parameters that influence the animal’ learning success, and thus can determine whether our training will be successful or not. Leo Paul Crespi already proved that his trained rats...

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    Addicted to treats

    Rewarding with treats is an essential component in our occupation with positive reinforcement. So, how quickly are our well-intended treats and cookies devaluated so to become little more than a form of inanimate currency in our mundane exchange of...

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    Our vision of RPlus

    RPlus is the scientific term for positive reinforcement. Positive interaction is the background model that governs our way of training horses but also the way we publish our contents. Our work aims to literally present positive reinforcement through ...

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    Understanding target training

    A target always represents an objective for the horse; it follows the target because it is attractive for the horse due to its positively charged meaning. Thus, target training can be considered an opposite to conventional training with whips which ...

Our dream of RPlus!

An idea… to find the horses’ smile; to carry it in our hearts, and to eternally bind ourselves to their happiness.


Horsey ideas


Wonderful moments


Inspirings texts


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