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RPlus | Conny
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Free spirit
Hello I am Conny!

How do I get started? I am Conny, one of the creative parts of RPlus. And it’s possibly worth mentioning that my childhood heroine still influences my life today; she is Pippi Longstocking. I have been fascinated by this fearless, cheeky, daredevil globetrotter from early age on. Particularly, because her best friends are a monkey and a horse, and I have always fallen for horse stories. One time she pedals on her DIY plane to foreign countries, another time she skates around on brushes to scrub the floor; no matter what, Pippi does what she wants, and she enjoys doing it. It still makes me smile to think about the time she was painting over the edge of the blackboard because there was not enough space to draw a life-sized horse. She never gives up, and will not accept imaginary boundaries others try to impose upon her. Pippi’s creativity knows no limits, and she is never afraid to implement her ideas. I believe if we are honest to ourselves, we have to admit that this girl represents a lot of what really touches all of us: freedom, joy, courage, loyalty…

Find your own way

That is why I think it can benefit all of us to be a bit more like Pippi. It is good to go for what really inspires you, and to listen less when others tell you why something cannot or should not be done. We can find our own way amongst all the other ways. And we never must forget how to be children. Only then it is possible to address ourselves, our environment and our two- and four-legged friends without prejudice but full of loving curiosity. This is the way that offers so much to explore and to learn. And that is how we enrich both our soul, and the souls of others. In this light, I do not want to call myself a photographer because this is not what I really am. Nor am I my interests, characteristics, educational trainings or any other attributes. In fact, I am the sum of experiences that have led me here. I am here to do whatever feels right at this very moment: To take to be true what is, and to create something I can believe in.
I am so thrilled that Marlitt and RPlus, the project closest to my heart, offer an opportunity to share with you what moves me deeply: My love for horses and the intention to act in their interest. I am so very grateful for this.