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RPlus | Courage
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Put your heart in


Genuinely positive horse training happens when a human trainer really puts in his or her heart. So, what do we mean by saying somebody is doing something with all his or her heart? The term “courageous”, in the sense of brave and determined, traces its roots back to the French word “coeur” which means “heart” in English. In particular, we are courageous when we trust our intuition. Focusing on theories that have been proven over and over again and thereby only moving within the well-established boundaries of rational thinking appears to be the safe approach. It takes courage, however, to allow your inner voice to influence central aspects of training.

In the end, perceiving what your center wants to tell you can help to preserve you from losing yourself in the dense thicket of rational thinking.

Listen to your heart


There are so many details to improve you might overlook that your horse lacks a certain kind of mental or physical maturity. Or you might get lost by ignoring the negative atmosphere that has built up, and hinders a positive and exhilarating form of exchange. Maybe you misjudge how much pressure you are exerting on yourself, and that you are frantically jumping from one goal to the next. Perhaps you are just ticking off unconsciously created To-Do lists rushing through your favorite pastime.

Your innermost feelings will guide you


Are you getting on the wrong track by not opening up to the other, your horse? Do you reveal yourself as a person with your innermost forms of expression and behavior resulting from all your inadequacies, and the emotional baggage life has thrown upon you? Many of us lack the courage to do so when dealing with other human beings and horses alike. Many of us do not show how they feel and do not present an authentic image to their environments. Yet, to establish the true connection of the heart most of us long for we have to appreciate all the above. You have to come out of your shell and face your fears, worries, and other peoples’ expectations. Only then can you see into your heart and find all your beauty, might, and courage; the courage that enables you to follow the path with your horse that feels right deep within yourself.



Marlitt Wendt & Conny Ranz

AUTHOR: Conny & Marlitt