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Magazin | RPlus | Pferdsein mit Marlitt Wendt
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Wild horses’ original presence

When we travel to visit the last remaining wild horses on this planet, we often ponder why human beings are so fascinated by wild creatures these days. Of course, there are millions of answers that also impact, in varying degrees, everyday life with ...

Addicted to treats

Rewarding with treats is an essential component in our occupation with positive reinforcement. So, how quickly are our well-intended treats and cookies devaluated so to become little more than a form of inanimate currency in our mundane exchange of...

Our vision of RPlus

RPlus is the scientific term for positive reinforcement. Positive interaction is the background model that governs our way of training horses but also the way we publish our contents. Our work aims to literally present positive reinforcement through ...

Lying and lying flat

Lying and lying flat are behavioral responses we can establish as circus lessons that can be requested by giving a specific signal. They can emerge out of a shaping process, and they can be established by capturing a natural form of behavior. In my opinion...

Stallion behavior

Many forms of horse behavior we train or observe in the circus, in classical or in liberty dressage can be traced back to the behavior stallions tend to display to overawe others, and thus, to the field of social behavior. Of course, mares can display...

It is not enough to click

Clicker training depends on the enthusiasm of its supporters, and on all the small moments of success. However, strong emotional attachments to a certain training theory can also cloud our critical self-awareness. Which limitations and variations have...