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RPlus | Pferdepersönlichkeiten
Ego und Selbstbild der Pferde
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Escape from the shell


When we travel to visit the last remaining wild horses on this planet, we often ponder why human beings are so fascinated by wild creatures these days. Of course, there are millions of answers that also impact, in varying degrees, everyday life with our horses at home. So, wild horses represent freedom, and give us the illusion of unspoiled nature; what is more, they embody the horses’ true essence in unprecedented purity. One crucial aspect of this light-hearted personality is a high level of original presence. In general, all horses possess this form of presence: They are born to be free, and to be themselves. And, they do not have the need to benefit any other species, not even us human beings.

Feel yourself


Maybe we are attracted by the gap we clearly perceive: Wild horses possess visible personality; in contrast, many domestic horses in our environment appear divested of their ability to be themselves, and as if they have retreated into a shell. They do not possess an inspiring and adequate environment, and are without a real family; what is more, they are caught in a whole web of demands and constraints. However, you deserve to be able to feel yourself from birth, whether you are a human being or a horse.

Sources of desire


We make many negative experiences in the course of our life. As a consequence, we suppress our own needs and desires, we suppress or personal goals, and eventually, they prevent that we relate to ourselves. In turn, this deprives us, human and horse alike, of our intrinsic motivation which is the source of our desires. So, it deprives us of our desire for self-actualization, and thus of leading a fulfilled life.

Entirely complete


From this perspective, wild horses are entirely complete in a way, except for individual cases and problems due to the existence of difficult living conditions. They are not limited by human beings but are challenged by the force of nature. So, wild horses reveal themselves as possible Self, and additionally as one Self among many others in an organically grown, strong community.

Expression and body language


The wild horses’ expressiveness and entire body language is unique; they are able to express every single movement pattern we have ever described in behavioral biology, and they embody so much more than the pale reflections we frequently see on our pastures. They show their emotions, interact with each other, and thus reveal their personality to the outside world. In contrast, many people and domesticated horses have forgotten how, or even worse, were never allowed to live this way due to modern living conditions, and negative learning experiences during childhood.

Wild horses' nature # 1

Interaction between mother and foal


Listen to the inner melody


Horses naturally express their original Self through movement, body language, and facial expressions, and they are guided, exhilarated, and inspired by this body melody. This uncut rough diamond of personality is most clearly visible whenever they want to please, or communicate with their conspecifics. This can be, for example, in the interaction between mother and child, while resting together in the shade of the trees, and in impressive overawing.

Wild horses' nature # 2

Relaxing with the family

Take a bit of wilderness with you


RPlus aims to build a bridge from the wilderness home to our horses’ pasture. Once we have become aware that our horses need to sense their intrinsic motivation, have to be themselves, and need to show their personality, we will also understand the importance of supporting our horse to express itself. On one hand, this requires a horse-friendly environment, and on the other hand, we have to awaken the joy of acting.

Wild horses' nature # 3

Impressive Overawing

Sharing joy inspires


Basically, this is about regaining the joy of the movement, and of being together. Initially, we start without ulterior motives or specific lessons but with a simple plus for the joy of movement. We notice our own impulses, affirm our horse, and reward it. As a consequence, it becomes braver, and sees a possible way to emerge from the shell. Our horse understands that we want to see it, and consider it beautiful when it is full of confidence, and in full size. So, an initial and cautious peek out of the shell gradually grows into genuine exchange of ideas between two partners at eye level; movements become bigger, poses become stronger, and changes become more frequent. Eventually, we create rhythm, cadence, and presence, and behind that once closed front, we discover an agile domestic horse that bears the wild horses’ original vitality.

Shadow of the former Self


Many horses appear like shadow beings, almost like empty shells without true substance. They have hidden every last bit of “I” so well in the dark that in some horses it is an incredible challenge to bring their self-esteem back to the light. Basically, this is what RPlus is all about; it is about horses, their lives and their personality, and not about the goals we human beings consider important. Our horse’s personal development takes utmost priority because horses that are trapped in their shells necessarily need moments of success. They need many, many moments of success, affirmation, and above all, treat presents.

Truly appreciate


Our horses will only be able to open up if they credibly believe that our presents are sincerely given to make them happy, and are not simply new tools to exert power over them. Then, they will reveal their true identity to us. Our enthusiasm for positive reinforcement gives us an opportunity to free our horses from their mental shells, and give wings to their character.

Marlitt Wendt & Conny Ranz

AUTHOR: Conny Ranz & Marlitt Wendt