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RPlus | The past and the future
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and the Now in between


Hello dear community! This is the first message in RPlus that is addressed personally to you, our dear community. We will post similar messages every now and then in the future so to inform you about current events, internal processes and thoughts, and about the input we receive from you. This will be similar to an online newsletter; it will be an open letter from us to all our friends.

First of all, we are stunned!

…first and foremost, thank you to our very first supporters and subscribers. It was a moving experience to see you invest in the future of RPlus at this early stage of the project.

This motivates us to further spread the RPlus spirit in this world.


…second, a big thank you to all our dear friends within the Rplus community who have discovered our page, who have read the texts, and watched the videos, and who have shared their thoughts with us.

Many <3-felt thanks to you!


…third, we also would like to express our sincere gratitude for sharing the RPlus message online on Facebook, Instagram and so on.

Thank you so much, this means a lot to us!


Next: urgent RPlus news…


We started now in the beginning of autumn because I (Marlitt) will undergo a couple more operations in the next months. The first one was this Monday, and the next ones will follow subsequently every few weeks. Don’t worry! I am only taking precaution, and I feel fine. However, I want to further reduce my significantly increased risk of developing cancer. The operations and the related hospitalization and consecutive recuperation periods will most certainly slow down the pace of my practical work. This year’s seminar series is over, and the next seminar will be in April next year. I am going to spend a lot of time at home in the following months anyway, and so, it felt like the right time to start RPlus, and to wholly dedicate myself to this project.

…and the reason why…


In a sense, RPlus manifests a new beginning in life for me; it is a turning point that stands between the past and the future. So, I hope many of you will join me on my way to this brighter, more colorful future guided by joy and happiness. We have decided for a free RPlus subscription in order to reach as many human beings as possible with our message of Plus, and inform them about positive reinforcement and horse ethology. We share our knowledge and we are happy about your contribution according to your means and willingness to implement ever bigger projects in the horses‘ sense. We depend on you. So, there will be a new treat from us for you every couple of days; this will be a new post, sometimes an article, or a new video and other times a private glimpse into one of our seminars for instance. And of course, we are planning further special treats in future.

…RPlus starts right now


Moreover, our free subscription model represents an alternative to the ubiquitous adroit marketing campaigns the horse industry frequently employs to sell products and services; RPlus is our contribution to creating a new societal form of orientation. Maybe we can all reflect on the products and services we actually want to consume, and think about from whom we want to buy them. In the end, we hold this power in our hands. So, our RPlus motto is “Spread the love, and make it possible”! We are looking forward to hearing from you, and we would like to thank you for your support in advance.

From this moment, lots of love, Marlitt

AUTHOR: Marlitt Wendt