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RPlus | Vergangenheit und Zukunft
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And, we have RPlus news for you


Hello dear RPlus community, I am here again to provide you with some insight into our ideas, and the actions we plan next. As always, time is racing so fast, and there are a million new things that may be of interest for one or two of you.

A vision of freedom – our monthly topic in April

Monthly topics on RPlus


Every now and then we will devote a whole month to a very special topic on RPlus that is very important to you according to your feedback. Our first monthly topic that will occupy us the entire month of April carries the well-sounding title “A vision of freedom”, and is dedicated to free work with positive reinforcement. In fact, we hope that many of you agree that is important to enter into real dialogue with your horse, to work without much equipment every now and then, and to fuse with your four-legged companion into a dream team. For this purpose, we have rolled out the red carpet, and prepared 10 treats for you this April; we have inspirational videos, texts, and images for your personal journey into the world of free work.

Also, we’re on tour for you again!


Awaited with anticipation, my seminar season will also continue in April, and I am looking forward to starting with many new ideas. So, we will have the first part of a larger training seminar series for trainers and advanced laypeople in Switzerland. Conny is on the road doing photo shoots with the RPlus community, and undertaking expeditions to meet the wild horses. Later, she will join our seminars with her camera, and capture them for you. We have a huge smile on our faces when we think of seeing you and your horses again in real life; and we are looking forward to getting to know so many new human faces and horse noses as well.

And, speaking of getting to know you


We invite you to actively participate in our journey; and we appreciate your likes, when you share our links on social media channels, and, of course, when you write us a message. This helps us to get to know you better so that we are able to tailor our Rplus topics better to your interests and wants. Furthermore, you can share your enthusiasm for the RPlus philosophy, and support us with a one-time donation or set up a voluntary subscription; only a few Euros per month help to make our project more interesting and extensive. You are RPlus; we are nothing without our community.

Spread the love!

All the best, Conny und Marlitt

AUTHOR: Marlitt Wendt