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RPlus | Make it possible
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Get involved – Make it possible!

RPlus is built upon friendship; this includes our friendship and all the relations within our community. We are nothing if we walk alone. Our contribution, however, can make a difference, and positively shape our horses’ world.
We want to stimulate you and bring our dream of a better world for horses to life. And we hope you feel inspired to realize some of our ideas in your life because we have created RPlus to help you contemplate, increase your self-knowledge, and your awareness. Do you like RPlus? Please feel free to share our vision with as many people and as often as you like.

Thank you for your support!


You can help to let RPlus thrive! Share the idea with others, share your thoughts with us, and make a donation… the more you invest the more we can do, and realize ever bigger RPlus projects. We are grateful for each and every cent, or a standing order that helps to develop long-term plans..

Donation account

Account holder: Marlitt Wendt

IBAN: DE76 7002 2200 0020 3994 30


Reason for Payment: Rplus


Support us with a one-off donation or establish a regular cash transfer with a voluntarily fixed monthly sum via PayPal:


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Free RPlus subscription


There is an abundance of products, events, and trainings catering to the horse world. What is frequently missing, however, is the matter that concerns us the most: our horses’ well-being. So, we have decided to set an example with RPlus; an example that shows how knowledge increases when it is shared. We have decided to make this knowledge available for free so that each and every person can participate. Of course, we hope that some of you will contribute financially, and appreciate our work in this form but money should not be a precondition to enjoy RPlus. We do not sell anything here but we want to share what belongs to all of us. That is why we here at RPlus want to cherish positive reinforcement, and that is why we want to do without subscriptions, cancellation policies, paywalls, access restrictions, advertisements or discount campaigns.

RPlus is living positive reinforcement


We all need money to lead our lives, and so money can be used as positive reinforcer. Maybe think about us here at RPlus as your living experiment. You can actively influence our behavior through the enforcer money, and a few euros a month will help to make longer ranging plans. Furthermore, you can steer us through other enforcers such as recognition and distribution; it is all up to you. We are looking forward to being a part of this experiment, and we will see how you are going to direct our activity. The more you invest the more active we can be because RPlus is your user-financed medium.

Invest in your dream of positive reinforcement


Your financial contribution and your personal involvement provide the path for us. Our intention is to make knowledge comprehensible for all of us and to distribute know-how for free. We aim to give a voice to our horses and want to show that things can be done differently because RPlus should primarily benefit our four-legged friends.


We hope one day all horses in this world will be able to enjoy the dignified and untroubled life they deserve. Therefore, we want to provide you with input on essential topics such as the nature of horses, horse ethology, means of expression, and training with positive reinforcement based on our expert knowledge, and the expertise we have gained in years of experience. This is how we want to free the knowledge, and make solid training available for all of us. Additionally, we dream about connecting this online project with the real life of the RPlus community. So, we need regular financial contributions to achieve planning reliability, open up scope for creativity and let our RPlus movement grow continuously. In the end, our vision of RPlus is not to publish pure functional information alone but to bring RPlus to life by establishing a didactically prepared creative imagery that fully incorporates and transports the RPlus message.

If you are more fortunate than others, it`s better to build a longer table than a taller fence.

RPlus… an alternative approach


We decided to remain as independent as possible with RPlus. There is no active source code automatically linking to social media channels like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter on our website. Neither do we use Google Analytics or similar tracking tools. One thing is for sure, nothing is for free in the online world. We all “pay” with our data, our privacy, and are bombarded with advertisements while becoming ever more transparent consumers. At RPlus you are not required to log-in and we do not record your personal information. Whether you support us financially or not makes no difference to us. We are all equal at RPlus, and we want you to feel at home and move freely on our website. So, we do not track your usage behavior, and thereby make your data available to multinational corporations. We also want to set an example with RPlus, and do without external promotion, Amazon affiliate links or similar because we do not want to depend on clicks. We use YouTube as simple solution to post our videos and implemented PayPal for the possibility to support us from abroad. We do not need the big global players – all we need is your support!

Support us directly and make a donation

Donation account


Account holder: Marlitt Wendt

IBAN: DE76 7002 2200 0020 3994 30


Reason for Payment: RPlus

Support us via PayPal

Support us once or set up a voluntary subscription with a fixed monthly contribution via PayPal:


Thanks a million for everything!


Conny & Marlitt