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RPlus | Marlitt
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Hello I am Marlitt!

Oh dear! I have to write a text about me until tomorrow. This is the task I have set myself so that RPlus, the project closest to our hearts, can finally go online. Yet, what should I write? How is it possible to write about something that cannot be described with words but only be felt with the heart? RPlus means much more than positive reinforcement. RPlus is my life’s dream, a dream about finding happiness together with horses. So, perhaps it is best to start with telling you something about me and my vision. I am Marlitt and I have always been a horse-girl. In this world, horses are the beings that have always fascinated me, inspired me, and have been with me throughout my life. And it was not Black Beauty but my White Wizard Schino who stole my heart. It was also him who paved the way for RPlus. I have loved him so dearly, and I still love him today although I can only find him deep down within myself. It is exactly this kind of love, the love for Schino, for all horses, and for so many human beings and their horses that describes what RPlus means for me.

The whisper of love

I am so very grateful RPlus arose from Conny’s and my imagination. It is the platform that allows us to show you our little world of horses. A world as full of colors and sunshine as it can be so to reflect all the perspectives that constitute us. I guess many of you have known me or my work as lecturer and behavioral biologist for years or maybe even decades, and many of you probably know the books I have written. Now is the time, however, to move a big step forward because I realized, almost as if I had been in a time-lapse film, how little time we have to do what could be the biggest gift to all of us. I for my part want to share my knowledge far beyond the commercialism of the horse industry with all of you. I want to make space for all the things publishers consider too special, too extensive or too little mainstream. For I believe firmly that this is exactly where RPlus begins: Within ourselves, and in our thoughts and dreams.
I want to set an example for the future, for the love of horses, for a community of wonderful humans and animals; I want to set an example for life itself. And in doing so, RPlus becomes a symbol, a symbol for the meaning of life.
With this in mind, let us celebrate life with horses!