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Free work with two horses

My Haflinger mare Mausi and my PRE gelding Harry not only differ in gender and physique but above all in behavior and personality structure. Harry is an extroverted type, is very playful and energetically tackles life; Mausi in contrast, appears to be...

Stallion behavior

Many forms of horse behavior we train or observe in the circus, in classical or in liberty dressage can be traced back to the behavior stallions tend to display to overawe others, and thus, to the field of social behavior. Of course, mares can display...

Truly playful?

When we observe horses doing free work, working on liberty dressage or performing circus lessons, we frequently see that they have their ears back or display other characteristics of stress and aggression. The most common explanation that mostly stifles ...

Appearances can be deceiving

In order to being able to act for the benefit of my horse I do not only have to develop an understanding for my horse’s feeling in a certain moment but I also need theoretical knowledge about facial expressions and body language to prevent speculating...