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RPlus | Community workshop in Sardinia
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Summer 2019

Hello dear community!


To thank you for supporting RPlus we have a very special treat for you today. The idea and the dream of RPlus have come into being in Sardinia among the Cavallini della Giara, the island’s fabulous small wild horses. So, we would like to invite some of you to come with us to revisit this magical place. We will journey to the Giara di gesturi plateau in the island’s south where we will visit magnificent cork oak forests, the impressive Mediterranean maquis shrub land, and spectacular water sources surrounded by basalt rocks; we will visit the Giara, the homeland of around six hundred wild horses.

Native Horses

Particularly these six hundred wild horses bring us back to Sardinia, and they are the reason we want to invite some of you to join us. Their ancient history, their pristine breathtaking beauty, and their original freedom are only three reasons for us to provide this special experience for you. We want to invite you to participate in an exceptional workshop taking place in their idyllic retreat; a workshop about horse ethology with me – Marlitt – the behavioral biologist. And Conny will accompany this workshop as photographer.

Wild horse ethology

It is this journey’s gift to be allowed to observe such a huge amount of wild horses within their natural habitat. We will travel to the perfect place for going on this magnificent field trip to study the wild horses’ herd behavior, group structures, and social interactions. Furthermore, we will explore the fine details of the horses’ body language and facial expressions. The workshop will offer many opportunities to take unique pictures and capture original scenes on film. We will have plenty of time to discuss our distinct impressions in the shadow of oak trees, and to enjoy breathtaking landscapes when we go on field trips together.

How? Where? When?

First of all, we are neither tour operators nor providers for your needs concerning arrival, accommodation and personal meals; these things need to be organized on an independent basis. Secondly, we have set a date in the first week of June 2019, and we will meet at a previously agreed upon spot. All registered fellow travellers will be directly informed about the specific time and place in advance. Thirdly, our workshop will take place over two and a half days, and we will organize more details as well as possible travel partners for arrival and departure, and group accommodation together over the next half year. Fourth, you might like to stay a little longer and enjoy a short vacation, discover secluded coves, take a bath in the Mediterranean Sea or explore the wild horses’ natural habitat on your own.

June 2019

Fifth, we will travel in June because this month tends to guarantee perfect weather for field trips, and most of the foals have already been born. Sixth, we will spend our time at the Giara plateau with ethological observation, discussions, exchange of impressions and ideas, and photography. And last but not least, we want your thoughts and this magical place to inspire our future projects.

Pay as you wish and make it possible!

We politely ask you to register as quickly as possible due to the limitation of participants to a maximum of eight. We follow the workshop with our camera. So, all participants agree with their registration that the resulting photo and film material may be edited for the entire RPlus community and may be published on Rplus.click. This is because our journey to Sardinia’s wild horses shall benefit the entire community. As always here at Rplus, the entire field trip including the workshop will be free. This means that you can pay as much as you wish, and thereby support the project RPlus to benefit the whole community watching from home. Arrival, departure, accommodation and meals have to be organized and financed individually. We are really looking forward to this unique journey – with you to the Cavallini della Giara, and to the place where the idea of RPlus was brought to life.


Please contact us directly via our contact form if you are interested.

We will contact you in return as soon as we know further details.

Marlitt Wendt & Conny Ranz

AUTHOR: Conny Ranz & Marlitt Wendt